I still remember the moment when and where I realized my basic approach to business… It was during a summer-job, where I had to weld together hundreds and hundreds pieces of metal. After 2 hours of working the way everything was setup, I though “This can be more done more efficient”. I took 30 minutes to shift materials and equipment around and doubled my output with less effort. That last part is pretty nice for a summer-job, isn’t it?

I really believe people are very creative and resourceful in solving the problems they are facing. Sometimes they are just stuck a bit and can’t see the way out yet. From personal experience I know that can be on a personal or a business level, sometimes we just need a little nudge to get us moving again.

And that’s what I love doing, giving these nudges…

With a background in IT, experienced in re-designing, implementing and optimizing business processes, I know it is always about the people in there.

“Change doesn’t happen, it’s triggered” –  Barry Rozemeijer

In my approach I combine my technical skills, my process skill and NLP trainer and coaching skills to get the best results for each situation. I love helping people to get over that hurdle they are experiencing. No matter if it is in personal life or they are struggling with their (IT) business.

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