Use the powers of innovation to build and improve your IT Services

How the basics behind innovations can help you in multiple ways to deliver a great IT product or Service.

Go Slow to Go fast

“One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was from a horse master. He told me to go slow to go fast.”

5 CX Tips for DevOps Engineers (and their product owners)

5 tips and easy habbits to start improving your customers experience

The two questions towards working more effective and efficient

We usually tend to start working harder and more hours to get things done and of our plates. And guess what… It seldom works….

Saving Cost by reducing waste in IT Services

When we talk about “waste”, it is usually related to “production-like” processes. There the TIMWOODS principles of waste are very recognizable.

If we look at IT services, things might not be so clear as in production processes, but there is very likely waste in there too… This waste impacts you, your budget and your consumers.

Setting priorities shouldn’t be hard, right?

You might recognize this… Life as a (IT) manager or Product owner isn’t always easy… With so many people asking for so many different things, it can be quite overwhelming to prioritize all everything…
It’s easy to loose track and miss out on something important. Or someone will complain because they feel they are the most important one out there.

Why more people is(n’t) the answer

Too often I hear the fastest and quickest solution: “We need more people!”
However, I believe, that should never be the first answer…